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HMIAR is a social media management company offering social media management, especially Facebook page
monetization, and online as well as offline training in Instream ads. We also offer services like Facebook followers adding, likes and watch time services, RDP/VPS, GoStream packages, and USA IDs. USA and 157+ countries BANK SERVICES are also available.


About CEO

I’m HAFIZ MUHAMMAD ISHAQ bin ABDUL REHMAN, generally known as ‘HMIAR’:an inspirational speaker, leader, trainer, and Facebook Instream ads expert-Not a candle, candle maker.

I graduated from the University of Education Lahore and am now doing MS-CS, where I made the Dean’s List, majoring in business administration and IT skills. After that, I started working in the industry as an administrative assistant at Company Aptech Computer Education. There, I joined as an admin in departmental communication, managed schedules, and maintained the digital filing system.

After that, I worked as a project manager for Company HAYYA ALAL FALAH, which provided an ONLINE QURAN EDUCATION SYSTEM worldwide for about two years. There, I managed everything smoothly regarding business goals, deadlines, budget, and more.

In early 2019, I met with my friend; he gave me an awareness of the freelancing journey, such as ad sense, YouTube, blogging, affiliate marketing, instant articles, digital marketing, etc.

In July 2019, by the grace of Allah Almighty, I made $98 from Facebook Instream ads. After some time, Facebook went on updates, and our work stopped; still, I was struggling with a great passion. COVID-19 was declared an epidemic, University got closed, and I was free and entirely focused on Facebook Instream ads services such as followers and watch time.

During the war between Israel and Palestine in 2021, I enhanced my Facebook watch time service skills. During this period, one of my friends told me he was a freelancer in the Facebook Instream ads gaming video creator category with a daily value of $1000. I asked for the consultation, and with the grace of Allah, I started three pages; 2 of them got viral and made $100k at the end of 2021.

Now I am running a company named HMIAR which is offering Offering Facebook in-stream ads monetization service.

If you have resources, you can join us, and we can also work on a partnership.



We provide RDP/VPS for all purposes with custom specs on demand

Facebook Monetization

If you are looking for Facebook monetization then you are right place.

Bank Services

USA IDs. USA and 157+ countries BANK SERVICES are also available.

Likes and Watch Time

We provide best solutions for your watch time and likes

GoStream packages

Make it easy to stream your virtual events, online sale

Training in Facebook instream ads

We provide both Online and Offline training in FB instream ads

Facebook Followers

We will grow your community by adding Facebook followers

Ready to Grow your

Facebook page Monetization?

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