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Condenser Aux (White)
  • BM800 FULL KIT
  • UD-900FX (USB)
  • Condenser Aux (White)
  • High performance: High quality mic works with any PC with 3.5 mm mic in port. Product is widely used in PC, laptop, smartphone, camera, tablet, ideal for YouTube, voice recording, video conference, gaming, streaming, podcast, BroadcastingStudio recording, chat, multipurpose + working from home use it. Voice is a very versatile recording microphone. You can use it for conference calls or to talk to your friends on video calls, Skype, Zoom, YouTube, Mil, Dull, Viber, Teamspeak and more.
  • Adopt high quality condenser microphone noise-canceling chip to increase sensitivity and filter out background noise for clear and loud sound.
  • With a folding tripod, you can fix the microphone on the desk with clips that are 180 ° rotatable while you are singing or chatting through the Internet.
  • Built-in double microphone and the latest safety net, the transmission is loud and clear compared to the voice traditional single microphone.
  • Lightweight design with 2 meter cable, you can hold condenser microphone on your hand, silicon material with handle will give you the best hand feel.

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  • COM-TECH Mike

Size name: Condenser Aux (White)

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