How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram: 5 Newbie Ideas in 2021


how to make money on Instagram

Not benefiting from 24/7 web browsing is simply a sin in 2019. How to make money on Instagram? Read our top 5 tips.

In 2018, Instagram was one of the most progressive platforms for selling goods and services. The platform reaches 100 million active users. It is viewed daily by 75 million people around the world. These are impressive numbers that cannot fail to attract marketers.

There is even no need to describe how you can make money when your audience reaches millions of users. But still, here are 6 main methods to help you make money on Instagram.

Top 5 ideas on how to make money on Instagram

It is 2019 that is a great year to mow money on Instagram. If you feel like you are spending your life with a cell phone, don’t waste your time, you can attract a lot of funds to yourself.

Task 1. Attract users

Think about what users love. You must understand that every brand that will be introduced to the market expects an active, progressive audience that is able to buy. Therefore, you collect users not for yourself, but for the brand.

If you don’t understand what this is about now, here are some ways to increase your quality subscribers.

Tip 1. Biography and description. Here you need to enter your contact information and briefly describe what your posts will be about. If the keywords are selected correctly, you will soon be able to find your subscribers. Here are some great San Francisco Blogger ideas for my travels. Her future clients will be travel agencies and tourist goods.

Tip 2. Write regularly. In order for the number of users to increase, you need to upload several pictures per day. But you should know that you should not start up all your photos at once, otherwise such work will turn against you. If you want to build your followers slowly and confidently, this has to be a daily job.

Tip 3. Good photos and videos.   Needless to say, the quality of your photos should be very high. The better the pictures, the more people there are: different people, not just your friends. Therefore, learn photoshop, understand cameras – these are your income tools.

Tip 4. Relevant tags.   Very often people attribute the wrong tags to their photos. Don’t associate yourself with celebrities if you are not. Don’t underestimate the importance of tags – they are actively searched for content.

Council 5. Interaction with users. You cannot expect all of yours to be active. Therefore, you need to activate them on a daily basis in order to receive feedback from people. If you communicate, it will increase the number of subscribers.

Task 2. Make money on Instagram

# 1 Remote Marketing

This is when in your actions you advertise the work of certain stores or products. If you have enough subscribers, you can offer your advertising services to different companies for a fee. As a rule, this is a commission on sales of goods. Affiliates earn with the help of special links that are created by sellers for affiliates.

# 2 Influential person

What it is? This is when you have collected enough subscribers on your account and interact with them. They listen to you, communicate, and consider you a leader in a particular industry. Influencer status allows you to have quality followers that build trust in your account. Brands primarily partner with influencers.

Number 3. Sell ​​photo posters and other virtual goods

If you are good at photography, know how to create drawings, graphics – you can sell it. Invite readers to learn more about you. This is another popular way to make money on Instragram. If you take high-quality photos, you can make money from this. You just need to understand what kind of photos people and business need.

No. 4. Sell ​​your own products

If you are engaged in the manufacture of various things: dolls, knitting, embroidery, drawing, making bracelets and jewelry – Instagram is the place for you. With the help of Instagram, you have the opportunity to get a large number of customers and transfer goods to them after payment using the delivery service.

No. 5. Sell ​​your accounts

You can simply gather an audience with viral content and sell your accounts to people who need to actively sell their goods and services.

Statistics why Instagram works

Here’s some interesting statistics. If Facebook has 2 billion monthly active users, then Instagram has 800 million. There is no doubt that Instagram will bypass Facebook in the near future.

  1. If your product is aimed at young people: 59% of Instagram users are under the age of 29.30-49 years old – 33%.
  2. On Instagram, the absolute majority of users are women.
  3. If you indicate your location in your posts, you will have 79% more people than without geo-referencing.
  4. People like pictures with faces more.

Real Tips on How to Monetize Your Instagram Account

Shoutcart: Sell your audience on this service.

Fohr Card: Another platform to help you monetize your accounts and become a more attractive face for brands.

Grapevine you have more than 500 subscribers on your account – register in the system and earn.

Crowd Tap: For US residents, there is an opportunity to earn money by completing certain tasks on this platform.

indaHash: There is also an opportunity to connect with brands and get rewarded for increasing the number of engaged followers at your


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