YouTube is testing automatic product detection in videos

YouTube is testing automatic product detection in videos

Google is working on a new algorithm that allows YouTube to identify products in a video. Once discovered, it will be displayed in a banner above the recommendations, with a link to other videos to discover more information. This feature will allow the platform to compete with Instagram in its Shopping option.

Google announced that it is testing an algorithm that can automatically detect products shown in a YouTube video.

“We are currently testing a new feature that shows the products in the videos, in addition to similar products. The feature will appear among the videos recommended, for users scrolling below the player. The goal is to help people see more videos and information about these products on YouTube. ”

Google Inc.

You can easily find products in YouTube clips!

This feature was rolled out in beta for US users on March 22nd . Under the launcher, users can see a window displaying the products that appear in the video, accompanied by similar suggestions.

YouTube detection produits

You can interact with it by clicking on the links for more details i.e. other videos that include the product in question. Of course, the idea is to keep the user on YouTube for as long as possible.

It remains to be seen if the functionality will allow direct access to the product’s sales page. But if that is the case, it will compete directly with other platforms with similar options. We can mention in particular Instagram and its “Shopping” function.

For a while, YouTube has been trying to become a true alternative to other social networks. The platform has also taken over the TikTok format represented by the Shorts function, as it now offers its own clips like the ones on Twitch.

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